A Progressive Journey – Leprous

A confession: When it comes to progressive music, I’m a bit of a late follower – 2 years ago I was still a total extreme metal fanatic. Looking at this blog now, it seems many of my reviews involve prog-influenced bands! This might continue to be the case, as I am now entering the surreal world of 70’s prog rock, which is pretty much uncharted territory for me. aaanyway..

Today’s post is the first(and hopefully not last) a series of prog recommendations. While many bands and sometimes whole genres seem stuck in a rut in terms of innovation and inspiration, progressive music has always had an infinite potential in these areas. When you think about it..pure “extreme” stuff like DM has become, ironically, perhaps the most limited genre. I’m not saying modern extreme music is dull, but that it often fights to succeed within certain musical boundaries; and If like me, you’d like to hear what happens when these boundaries are transcended – this series is for you.

We’ll start this progfest with an experimental prog metal track which I’ve been listening to for a while now, by the Norwegian band Leprous. These guys bring something very refreshing to the table, which you can hear not just at certain moments, but everywhere in their music. From the sinister intro to the theatrical vocals, the excellent chorus and that genius piano break; this track packs so much, and it all strikes me as amazing and unheard-of.

The different parts in the composition are followed by each other in a very natural, flowing manner – making this “experimental” music actually much more listenable and enjoyable than many popular prog group. “He Will Kill Again” is off 2009’s Tall Poppy Syndrome:

I feel like this track really sums up everything I love about progressive music – making it perfect to end this first post with. Prepare your ears for more PROG!


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