Myrath – Tales of The Sands

Myrath are from Tunisia and play prog\power metal that sounds both familiar and refreshing. Familiar – because its modern, progressive music that will immediately remind you of Dream Theater and Symphony X. Refreshing- because that winning formula is excellently mixed with middle eastern scales and rhythms. I know we’ve already seen a few bands attempt that type of thing, but non of them have taken their synergy to this level! Here’s “Wide Shut“, off 2011’s Tales of Sands:

As you can hear, all instruments sound great on this release, including the oriental ones. The latter aren’t just thrown in for show, but brilliantly used for specific roles; They’ll empower an intro or go on a beautiful solo, and then vanish, leaving the listener impressed and wanting more…well done, guys!

While most vocals on this album are sang in English, there are some in Arabic, and they actually work great. Such is the chorus in the title track:

The only possible downside I’m hearing in Myrath‘s material, is the similarity to other bands in the genre. Their middle eastern twist successfully solves this issue, which is why I was a bit disappointed to hear it get toned down – and totally disappear on some of the tracks. Still, overall, Tales of Sands is a really good effort, and I can only suggest that you check the rest of the album for yourselves and decide if it delivers !


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