Video Games Music – Part I

Do you love video games? I sure do. Well..currently I find them to be too much of a time waster, but back in the day I used to play for hours nonstop. Now, most will agree that the best games also had high quality, memorable soundtracks. Sure – you might remember a game’s story or characters to some extent, but music has that powerful ability to really bring it all back in a second. The question is, which tracks maintain their quality when seperated from gameplay?

1. C&C RedAlert
The series’s soundtrack still remains one of the best in video games, with the most classic track being of course “Hell March”. It was such a hit among fans that it got re-mixed twice for RA2 and 3, and no wonder-  its straight up oldschool heaviness, with a driving groove, and a good intro too:

2. Emperor: Battle for Dune
This game, which was based on the 1984 movie, has quite a varied soundtrack. The music ranges from metal to techno, and includes even some ambient material. Each one of the playable races(Harkonnen, Ordos and Atreides) had it’s music composed by a different artist, and the result is quite epic as you can hear in “Tribute To Evil. You gotta love that lead guitar!

3. Diablo
While the C&C and Dune soundtracks were focused on the sounds of war and strategy, the music in the diablo franchise has a very different feel. Along with the game’s narrative, it’s “main theme” conveys a sense of journey; a dark tail of a lone character who goes into uncharted wilderness, following greater forces he does not yet know. Separated from gameplay, though, this piece can mean anything you want it to. A very serene composition, with an enchanting underlying tone:


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