Mytra – Space Metal

Mytra are a talented hungarian instrumental group that combines progressive influences with straightforward, powerful riffs & melodies. They also possess a quite original, well thought concept, which is sometimes represented by electronic sounds.

Most bands who try, fail to combine electronic and metal elements in a meaningful way, but these guys know exactly what they’re doing. The electronic notes and subtle layers don’t take over or harshly clash with the traditional instruments. They come and go, complementing the music and creating an obscure and unearthly effect, which brings to mind everything from astronomy to UFOs and alien technology. Listen(and see) for yourself:

Damn, this stuff could be an excellent soundtrack for a sci-fi video game or movie – though soaring solos and all, I think the coolest thing about the above clip is the drummer’s shades (-8. Check out the track below(“Seraph”), and you’ll find Mytra have far more than one trick up their sleeve – really powerful and interesting material!

If you enjoyed these tracks as I have, you can actually check out the band’s entire music on their official site. From what I’ve heard so far, both their EP’s(“Ecotone”and “Sagittarius”) are top notch, unique instrumental releases!


2 thoughts on “Mytra – Space Metal”

  1. Very nice find! Hungarian classic rock is legendary, and they have one of the most interesting and mighty metal scenes in Europe at the moment. Congrats for across such an outstanding band and thanks for disseminating! :D


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