Throes of Dawn – Quicksilver Clouds

Throes of Dawn create a bittersweet, dark, ambient sonic experience. The guitars, synth layers and their tones both enchant you and bury you in the miserable and depressive. The band’s 2004 release, Quicksilver Clouds, is more than than just melancholic – it is a desperate journey.

The lyrics and music on this release go very well together, as if they are reflecting each other. If I “..close my eyes” and listen, the track below truly sounds and feels like a vertigo.

You’ll notice Throes.. combine more than a few genre influences, from doom to BM to industrial\goth, and I’m hearing some progressive elements as well. The synthesis is quite unique, making it a bit tricky to define the band’s genre. Maybe that’s why they’re underrated? Anyway, they certainly have achieved a sound of their own. The next song starts beautifully quiet..and continues on in a much more epic, metal manner.

I love it when that soothing guitar lead\solo arrives just in time, giving more depth to the track. The group’s C parts are always something to look forward to. The only thing I feel uncertain about is those harsh vocals – do they compliment the music, or come off as redundant after a while? Well, the band clearly preferred following their own artistic truth over being an average crowdpleaser, and for that they have my respect.

If you enjoyed the tracks in this post, I recommend checking the entire album!


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