Akercocke – Progressive Blackened Death Metal

Today I am going to talk about one of the most brutal, evil metal groups to exist on this planet – Akercocke. If you don’t know this band, don’t expect to receive satanic powers any time soon!

Jokes aside, these guys have really taken extreme metal to a new extreme. Their material has not only surpassed many BM\DM metal classics in terms of musicianship, but transcended the genre’s definitions and limitations straight from the onset. Akercocke’s satanic approach is authentic and organic. Its not just a chaotic, mindless attack of sound, but a more calculated design; an atmosphere full of anger, despair, beauty and lust. Sometimes, these will be expressed together in a frantic, powerful unison, resulting in some of the most surreal and disturbing music I’ve ever heard.

Formed in 97′ by Jason Mendoca(guitar\vocals) and David Gray(drums), the band went through quite a musical progression throughout the years. To get a good demonstration of what they are capable of, check out the next tracks. The unholy DM/BM union below is from  2001’s “The Goat of Mendes“, and it is a beast – I highly recommend reading the lyrics.

On their later release, Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds that Go Undone, the band continued on a much more progressive path, and incorporated clean vocals. Unlike many groups that went this road, this change does not mean a compromise for Akercocke; The “clean” parts are always in context, adding a sense of depth and variation to the same intense formula.

Off the same album, the beautiful track below actually doesn’t have a hint of DM/BM. Can you believe it was recorded by the same band? The vocals and music here seems to be always leading somewhere; you expects the built-up tension to be violently released, but ..it never does. And that what makes this track both serene and unnerving at the same time. It’s damn good!

As you can hear, the band’s material is diverse in style, but always retains that distinct eccentric context and ambiance. The vision here was clearly not just to write extreme or prog metal riffs, but to create extreme art – and the outcome is both brutal and bewitching, progressive but primal as hell.

To whoever enjoyed this post, I recommend also checking out the group current last effort – 2007’s “Antichrist”. 


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