Psychedelic & Stoner Rock\Metal – Part II – Solace, Elder, Lamp of The Universe

Today’s post starts with a track that’s gonna rock you all the way back to the good old days of Black Sabbath! Solace is a great stoner metal band, and their vocalist sounds quite similar to Ozzy. “Six-Year Train Wreck” is off their 2010’s release(“A.D“), but these guys date back to 1996, and I’m looking forward to check the rest of their material!

Another awesome, but darker stoner group I recently discovered are ELDER.  Their message here is a more occult one judging by the growls and cover art, and they possess a less traditional approach than Solace’s all-out heavy metal.

Just in case the first part of this journey wasn’t psychedelic enough for you, I’ll end this post with an absolute surreal track. Lotus of a Thousand Petals, by Lamp of The Universe, is a very richly textured, trippy merge of hindu music and rock. All instruments and vocals were recorded by Craig Williamson on this 2001 release, and the result is just ethereal.


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