Psychedelic & Stoner Rock\Metal – Part I – High Priest of Saturn, Lesbian, The Egocentrics

After listening to My Sleeping Karma and Electric Wizard for a while now, I recently started searching for more modern psychedelic & stoner rockThis post is about everything that is slow, heavy and has psychedelic influences.

We’ll start with a band I discovered a while ago. High Priest of Saturn play their own style of stoner/doom and their female vocalist is really unique. her voice is like this beautiful sad echo, accompanying the music in an ancient prayer-like manner. and when its not there you have just emptiness and raw guitar sound.

I can’t stop humming that first riff!

Going deeper, into a heavier, darker style, here is Lesbian– Raging Arcania. Interesting band name considering they have no female members, But the real fascinating thing is this instrumental piece. It’s got this ever-changing nocturnal atmosphere going on. Just wait and see how those first few notes turn into so much more, step by step..

Time to wake up and leave all that dreamy darkness behind..with The Bright Dawn of The Soul by The Egocentrics. They play epic stoner\space rocks- and this one’s off 2010’s “Love Fear Choices and Astronauts”. Are you hearing the Hendrix influence too? What a great track..

Next up, part II.


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