Whores. – Ruiner.

Just read about this band on metalsucks.com an hour ago and they really bring it. Forget pretty melodies, forget trying to re-invent the fucking wheel – Whores. is that raw stuff you headbang to from the first second. Just click play, turn up the volume and let that heavy sound engulf shit. It’s freakin’ sick and to the point- this is the attitude heavy music needs. No bullshit vocals\growls, this guy knows how to sing and when to scream, and you can tell he’s pissed off. Again, this is raw as hell and I highly recommend it. Love the production too. This band is a bit hard to define(genre-wise); Better just give it a listen, and check their bandcamp for the full 5-track album. Oh, by the way, how do you like your fake life?

Gotta love all that fakeness.


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