Allan Holdsworth – Outworldly Guitar Playing. Literally.

Allan holdsworth is a legendary guitar player who is recognized by many modern guitarists(e.g John Petrucci) for his virtuous technique and it’s influences.. and yet, does anyone really listens to his music nowadays? I first found out about him this year – and his music is – literally – out of this world; So much that its quality is actually controversial. Seems like many people that try to listen to him don’t “get it” and just hear, to quote: “random notes”.. It is so out there comparing with today’s music, I guess, that some people will feel weirded out – almost aliented by it. This is why I recommend checking out two of holdsworth more accessible records: I.O.U and Road Games. Both of these albums have very pleasant vocals and guitar sound, which keep the ears curious and relatively unburdened for enough time – allowing this stuff to sink in. A bit of patience, and you could enjoy Allan’s music, if you try. You really should!

Road Games‘ title track is quite rock-orient, so we have vocals, and a bit of verses and choruses amidst all that beautiful and crazy alien-language-like solos. I think it’s a good track for anyone just checking Allan’s music for the first time.


A second, longer track, “Where Is One” is off I.O.U.


Finally, here is an all-out holdsworth, soloing his way through most of this Tokyo Dream:

Dreamy indeed, isn’t it? I have to admit, I don’t completely understand holdsworth’s music, and maybe fully understanding it is out of my grasp. But you know what, *not* exactly getting it is just what makes it so intriguing – like looking at an abstract painting.


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