The Black Keys bring back good ol’ rock & blues

In case you didn’t know, The Black Keys are one of today’s most widely known US rock acts. They certainly don’t need me to approve of them, but I am pointing out their success, because to me it is a proof that there’s still audience for good music, even in today’s mainstream facade. Their oldschool mixture of rock and blues has this raw quality which you don’t hear anymore nowadays. Just listen to that guitar sound and vocals. Can you believe this song was recorded in 2004 ?

“Stack Shot Billy” is from their earlier album – Rubber Factory, and while the album as a whole is far from perfect, some of it’s individual songs are just pure blues classics. This is also true for this next, newer track below, from their recent release, El Camino. “Tighten Up” is all about good song writing, with a lot of soul, and this video is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. The black keys are like the antidote to today’s mediocre rock and meaningless overproduced pop. More power to them!


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