Dying Fetus – Killing On Adrenaline

Dying Fetus, one of the best death metal bands on this planet, have just announced they will be releasing a new album in mid-2012: “Reign Supreme“. According to the band, this will be a return to their roots; to groove-oriented riffs and tracks. This is an excellent time to go back to one of their earlier works – and a Brutal DM masterpiece in my opinion:

Released in 99′, Killing On Adrenaline is one of the classics in Grindcore\Brutal Death Metal. DM elitists might say this album is way too catchy, and that won’t be entirely false – Whoever thinks Lamb Of God know their groove and rhythm will fall to his knees before the chunky & brutal riffs and grooves on this album. This beast makes most slam\core bands and their breakdowns sound like sad helpless puppies. When DF break down the beat its done for a reason, and its heavy as hell, with Gallagher’s voice and guitar tone fusing into this crunchy, bone shattering wall of sound. You’d never guess but the guy is pretty chill off stage.

Putting aside the breaks\slams matter, each song on “Killing on..” packs many fast-paced technical riffs and leads, which change in a frantic pace and with relentless force and precision. Drummer Kevin Talley is in his best form here, holding it all together very tight, with blastbeats that explode outta nowhere, awesome double bass and those “choked” cymbal hits that make every palm-muted chord sound crushing as f*ck. Talley’s drum patterns are quite varied – his skill in syncopation and speed is flawless in both feel and techiness, creating tons of fills and inventive grooves.

This album attacks your ears both musically and lyrically, with an attitude somewhat inspired by the oldschool US Punk\Hardcore scene- Gallagher citing Agnostic Front as a major influence on the band. There’s rage and frustration all over the place, directed at society, capitalism, politics and religion. Similar to the music, these words seem to have been written with much thought behind them, and are lethally executed.

The title track below pretty much sums up this brutal masterpiece. I can’t wait to hear the new album!


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