Ancient Bards – The Alliance of The Kings

Although I am a big fan of extreme music, I will always have a place in my heart for Power Metal. Rhapsody and Hammerfall pretty much got me into heavy music! Sadly, While modern bands certainly got the technical side down, many seem doomed to turn into bland attempts to copy past classic acts. Can you name one new power metal band fit to carry the torch when the oldschool groups call it quits?

(enter cheesy mode)

Maybe you can’t, and you feel ashamed – how can one be a warrior with no king?

But wait, perhaps there is still hope! Ancient Bards, a group of good men(and a woman) have come to save the genre, wielding great skills of melody and song writing! prepare your ears for epicness:

(exit  cheesy mode)

Taken from The Alliance of The Kings, “The Birth of Evil” is the first in a list of epic tracks(and If you agree this song is awesome, you gotta hear the longer album version). The entire release is very strong, which has much to do with vocalist Sara Squadrani. Her powerful & authentic voice infuses each song with energy and meaning, never overburdening the listener. Composing-wise, this is symphonic metal as it’s finest, with classical arrangement that display both choir-filled choruses, and instrumental parts showcasing the players talent. Lots of great riffs, leads and solos – These guys just know how it’s done, and more importantly, they do it with good taste.

The only second-rate track I found here is “Frozen Mind”, but it’s followed by the awesome “Daltor The Dragonhunter”. Yes, there is at least one dragon to be found here, if you follow the story. The lyrics are written well, though personally I got lost by the last song, and I still have no idea where that winged beast came from, haha!

All in all I think we can assume great things from Ancient Bards! they certainly have skill and a love for the genre. I’m really interested to see how they can further develop their original take on the genre in their next album, “Soulless Child“. It’s coming out on november 18th! Here’s their official site and FB Page.


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