My Sleeping Karma

My Sleeping Karma are the first Psychedelic Rock band I have really, throughly listened to, and they are nothing short of amazing. The exceptional thing about these guys(which can be immediately noticed) is that they don’t follow that traditional contemporary rock music idea of catchy choruses and impressive riffs. The elements work together to form certain combinations of rhythm and sound that produce an ambience(which is often peaceful) – And the linearity of every composition is not the focus or goal, but another tool which helps the band to further discover and create that ambience.

Each song usually begins with a very straight-forward and rather slowly paced idea, and while this musical phrase does change and arrive at a conclusion, the song always remains familiar to the ear, as the initially introduced melodic idea still subtly lies beneath the evolving guitar layers(think of branches growing from the same tree). This very natural, partly circular approach to song composition is quite captivating, not to say almost hypnotic.

But wait! Knowing the tendencies of music fans – although many will do find this stuff mesmerizing, some might be actually bored with the whole idea. The reason for this lies within the listener’s approach; Forget waiting for “that riff” or vocal line. Give up on that momentary need. Once you stop “looking” for the music, and just let it soak in, you will notice how it subtly becomes a part of the background, a part of you and what you feel or think. This distinct, constant, yet open-to-interpretation atmosphere is the core of what makes My Sleeping Karma awesome and unique.

Here is a great track from the band’s latest album, Tri. Further interested? check out their official site.


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