An Introduction To Djent

So..I’ve been listening to Born Of Osiris for a few weeks now, and while deathcore isn’t my usual cup of tea, this album has another thing going on: Djent. Meshuggah-worship, some seem to call it, or a certain guitar sound. Others say its just a meaningless attempt at classifying music. Well, The truth is probably somewhere in between, but anyway, why not do a little a research ourselves?

Stumbling onto a site named, I got introduced to an endless amount of djent groups, and I must say some of them are not bad:

The polyrhythmic nature of the rhythm and the thick, distinct guitar sound are the main things that define Djent for me, but other “softer” ideas are also introduced to the genre, like with these Akeldama guys. They bring some emotion to the table and that really caught me off-guard:

Another interesting thing with Djent, is that although it originates in metal, its evolving in different directions. Meshuggah fans themselves say the band’s music puts them in a trance..which is not unlike in..well- psyTRANCE, duh. In this (rather weird) instrumental, your can hear how the difference between Djent and electronic music is growing blurry: =========================================================
To sum it up – As you can hear for yourself, Djent does seem to exist, define it how you will. I can’t imagine myself listening to a whole album in this style of music, but I really enjoy some individual songs. I’ll close this post with my best find so far – Awake, by Textures:

(I listened to this song four times today, just because of the vocals..this guy is something.)


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