Red Hot Chili Peppers – One Hot Minute

Okay ,so you’re saying to yourself – waaaaait, RHCP aren’t underrated! they are one of the most popular bands in the world ! that’s true. But their modern success has to do with hits such as “By the way” & “Californication”, and these really don’t sum up the band. They don’t come close to the older, soulful and inspired material in albums such as Mother’s Milk & One Hot Minute.  These albums contain the real stuff – and so, they are underrated. case closed?

While Mother’s Milk is a more fast-paced, hard-hitting album, I have a soft spot for “One Hot Minute”, an album which accompanied me for far more than a minute, and kept my heart warm in the cold days of high school. Angst, anger, loneliness, depression – Violent music is sometimes a good option when you need to let your feelings loose – But I didn’t know about heavy music yet at that time. RHCP was pretty much the only rock band I knew about, which I got introduced to by my cousin, rest his soul.

*Ahem*, Lets not get depressed now! One Hot Minute is a feel-good album, soothing your soul one minute(Pun unintended) and funkin’ it up the next. The most known song out of this album is probably “Aeroplane”, with its catchy chorus, and that sweetly melancholic C part. Lyrics are quite great. Kiedis knows his way with words, and these are very original, vivid and unforced(unlike 99% of bands).  Recorded before “Californication”, you could say this album is a mix of the old and new RHCP, however, the result of this mixture is something truely unique.

Most songs here are awesome – The funky “Walkabout”, the beautiful “Trancending”, the epic “Deep kick”, and the sad yet-calming mood on “My Friends” & “Tearjerker”.  Every song tells a different story with its different emotions, which are sometimes heartsick, but in the end, make you smile.


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