A couple of weeks ago I found out about this awesome youtube channel: Coverkillernation. This guy is great at reviewing music, and currently also has a band VS. band tournament going on – Actually it ends pretty soon so go and vote(meaning: comment on the video page). Its the Elite 8 stage now:

Opeth vs. Death
Rush vs. Overkill
Enslaved vs. Tool
Porcupine Tree vs. Pantera

May the best band win! Though I fear that will be Opeth..or Pantera. Both bands are great..but..*ahem*, well..this IS “underrated Reviews”. I think these bands have already won enough praise for an eternity. I’m all for those underrated guys(and..girls!? ). Anyway this dude has some truely badass attitude and cool ideas. and he IS underrated!

Porcupine tree or Pantera? MAN that was a hard choice to make!


2 thoughts on “Coverkillernation!”

    1. For me it’s:
      1. Death
      2. Overkill(saw them live)
      3. Tool Vs. Rush = I don’t like either of them actually..
      4. Porcupine Tree and Pantera are so different it’s really a problematic comparison..!


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