Vomit The Soul – Apostles Of Inexpression

Reading discussions on metal music, I get the feeling that many people dislike the Slam\brutal sub-genre of DM, and I somewhat agree with them. Many new bands in this genre usually put all of their efforts into playing fast and “brutal”, but lack an understanding of the importance in good songwriting and interesting song structure, so..all these..”efforts”.. really amount to nothing.

But, some bands do remember that even extreme metal is a form of music ! You have to know how to keep things interesting, especially when you’re focusing on riffs with almost no melodic lines. Vomit The Soul know this. Their songs are fun & brutal, but also treat the listener intelligently in terms of technique, syncopation, and song structure. Building these elements together, they create a killing rhythm section which moves from breakneck speed to heavy slams in a blink of an eye, breaking the music apart and putting it back together in a different form each time, not unlike Dying Fetus or Suffocation.

Lyrics in “Apostles of Inexpression” are actually philosophical, no gore or pornographic bullshit, though the vocals do make them indecipherable. My guess is, if you’re a fan of the Sub-genre, you won’t care much for that, or expect this to be the most original album. There’ll never be another “Non So Vile” or “Killing On Adrenaline”(best brutal\slam albums IMO) – But this is a gem in its genre, containing lots of heavy & memorable riffs. The sound here is simply crushing!

Prototypes of values incarnation

I did mention “non so vile”!


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