First Review: Haken – Aquarius

The first album I would like to recommend is the newest one in my music collection, and is also considered to be the best prog album of 2010: Haken – Aquarius.   I myself ain’t no huge prog fan – I just started listening to prog stuff a year ago and I like maybe 3-5 bands. but forget genre labels..this an amazing piece of music!

“Aquarius”  has all the guitar tricks and wacky time signatures you might have heard of, but manages to sound totally original, mainly thanx to smart compositions and the use of keys that play major roles in all songs – from quiet interludes to various epic & dark parts(with many different sounds). Even though most songs are pretty damn long, they flow naturally and don’t feel like they are dragging you just for the sake of it. The music includes many enjoyable instrumental parts, but also delievers uplifting, memorable choruses. This leads us on to the the vocals, which are also something special – they’re really not your typical aggressive vocals nor high pitched stuff. They are softer but very percise, filled with emotion and always giving meaning to the lyrics. The whole album isn’t that much on the “heavy” side of music, but(strangely), this is exactly what makes it so awesome; Free from obligations or limitations, Haken avoid falling into cliche`s, and really go where few bands go, exploring a wide variety of genres & moods, combining them into this freakin’ amazing & epic experience !

anyway, My favourite songs are “streams” and “celestial elixir“. give’em a listen and tell me what you think. This is the band’s first album, and I will look forward for their next release. Go murmaid metal!



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